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We are, in this field, since, last one & half decade. During the first decade, our presence in the market, was as a high Network marketing co. having our own customer base. Our growth was due to our customer care, relations & close touch with market trends. These, consequently evoke the needs to have our own production set up. so we, started our production before 15 years ago.

We have been awarded I.S.I. license by bureau of indian standards (B.I.S.) to manufacture cables as per I.S.694, I.S. 1554 (part-1) & I.S: 7098 (part-1) specifications.

We at, "HITEX - PLUS™" has always followed a policy of quality product and time-bound & market efficient services. Relations With our direct customers and of course, our Dealer, Distributor network are our pioneer source of inspiration for quality improvement.

We are always open to attend the problem & complaints of our customers, if any. Which results in better quality & better communication rapport with our customers. Our consistent efforts to better the quality & satisfied clientele are one the key factors of our success in short time of half decade.

In the productions set up, we use only best quality materials, which is the main source of our market success. We never compromise with quality materials. Our technically equipped staff & quality control measures are stringest to maintain the required quality parameters.

We are known for our prompt and reliable delivery. Our response to customers inquiries are very fast. We always care to fulfill our customers requirements. Generally, all running sizes and types of cable are delivered ex-stock from our dealer network or from the factory. "HITEX-PLUS™ " assures quality & service.

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